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Belize is governed by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). BTB oversees all sectors of the country’s tourism sectors including guest accommodations.


Buying a home and advertising on vacation sites such as but not limited to Airbnb or VRBO fall under BTB’s accommodation sector even though it's not a “hotel” or “resort”.

The licensing procedure is a lengthy process that involves approval from four government entities before it reaches the compliance and inspection department of BTB.


Flowers Property Management has been completing these applications for homeowners and hotels over the years forming relationships with the government departments making the process smooth with a systematic process.


Running an illegal accommodation in Belize comes with stiff penalties such as $5,000US fine or imprisonment along with a cease and dissist letter.


BTB monitoring personal monitors vacation rental site and social media for unlicensed short term rentals. 

Allow our services to complete the process for you with ease not run the risk of operating illegally. Fill out the contact form now.

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