Lockwood Rentals-Available April 2020


Entire Apartment | House

2 guests

1 bedroom

1 double bed

1 bath


Lockwood Rental is located on the peninsula in Maya Beach which is 20 minutes from Placencia Village. Off the main road the cabana sits back in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of space between each residential lot. This one room cabana sit on a huge wooded lot under a canopy of mature trees and backs into the canal. Lots of wildlife can be seen from your verandah as sitting on the secondary story you have a prime view of iguanas and birds going about their business. Nearby restaurants are within walking distance and many locations will let you use their pool after buying breakfast or while eating lunch. The bowling alley is right around the corner too. This cabana rents for $600US monthly or $80US nightly (plus 9% BTB tax).


Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, cable TV, fridge, stove, coffee maker, microwave, free parking

$80US + 9% tax

$600US long term

per night

per month


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Placencia, Belize