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I bet you will agree that you want your property in Placencia to be managed properly and you get additional passive income flowing in every month.

I bet you will also agree, that you want to get all this setup and streamlined without it becoming yet another hassle, headache, and stress.

Seriously, who has the time for ALL those Rules, Regulations & Procedures?

We handle the process from Belize Tourism Board (BTB) approval process to online bookings to maintenance and more.........

Home Owners

House maintenance

✓ Pool maintenance

✓ Landscaping upkeep

✓ Payment of yearly taxes

✓ Payment of utility bills

✓ Weekly security visits

✓ Property improvement oversight

✓ Ensure requested cleaning services 

✓ Arrange any requested services for property 

Vacation Home

✓ Online bookings 

✓ BTB licensing & renewal

✓ BTB guest registration

✓ BTB tax payments

✓ Guest check ins/outs

✓ Arranging cleaning services

✓ Rental collection (short/long term)

✓ Village orientation for guest as requested  


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